Got some goat pins for PAX Aus?


In preparation for PAX Aus, I’ve designed two character pins, starting with the Volcano Pyro Punk goat and Candy Mountain goat, hoping later to expand the set to include all the remaining goat characters. As this is an initial test run to see how things go, I’ve only created a limited number of pins for PAX…

SXSW 2016


GoatPunks was Nominated for Best Multiplayer for the Gamers Voice Awards at SXSW 2016 and was invited to showcase at the Game Expo. Arrived in Austin Texas on Wednesday, it was raining, cold and dead quiet. Did I get the place right? Judging by the weather reports before I left I thought it was suppose to…

PAX Australia 2015

GoatPunks - Studio Canvas

Only a month after coming back from Tokyo Game Show I’m now setting up and getting ready for PAX Australia. The week prior to PAX…

Steam Greenlight

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight and help us bring GoatPunks to a couch near you. GoatPunks Party is a rip-roaring multiplayer king of the…

GDC San Francisco 2015

Welcome to GDC Expo

Without a moments rest straight from Amsterdam now San Francisco. First day saw the Golden Gate Bridge, check. Saw the view of the San Francisco…

Happy Chinese New Year


Its the Year of the Goat and we are celebrating with new artwork for the New Year. Stay tuned for more updates and new features.