Donations and Funding

GoatPunks has been a self funded project from the beginning. As I get closer to the finish line I would like to open up the project for donations and suggestions that will help improve GoatPunks.


"This video game features tiny, fire-throwing goats. What more do you want?"

"Local multiplayer gaming is back and more fun than ever with Goat Punks."

"Because if you're going to play "king of the hill," why not mountain goats?"

PAX Indies

"Oh, and did we mention that the goats look really adorable?"

What is GoatPunks Party? - PAX AU

Indie games of PAX: Retro Vision, Goat Punks and Necroman


Creating Goats

The 3D model for the goat only went though a few refinement increments through out the games development. The first model was very crude getting the basic impression it was some sort of four legged creature which could have been a dog if anything. I added three bones then animated them in a way that resembled a snake trying to head butt the sky and surprisingly enough thats all that was need to make the goat look like it was jumping. I skipped out on creating the leg bones as I found I could achieve the same amount of articulation with these three bones just by rotating them in the roll direction.


Alas, I forgot the horns. Now it looks like a goat. With a bell added for style it was now complete. For the textures, I had laid out some set colour schemes that were going to be static and players would just have to just pick from from 9 goat styles. As the game development progressed I began to incorporate a network based player system that had players challenging goats from online. An element of customisation needed to be added to give each player a distinction amongst the hundreds of other goats online. I came up with a colour shader for the goats that could be customised easily and was low and the draw calls.