Donations and Funding

GoatPunks has been a self funded project from the beginning. As I get closer to the finish line I would like to open up the project for donations and suggestions that will help improve GoatPunks.


"This video game features tiny, fire-throwing goats. What more do you want?"

"Local multiplayer gaming is back and more fun than ever with Goat Punks."

"Because if you're going to play "king of the hill," why not mountain goats?"

PAX Indies

"Oh, and did we mention that the goats look really adorable?"

What is GoatPunks Party? - PAX AU

Indie games of PAX: Retro Vision, Goat Punks and Necroman


Toy models

Its hard to believe that you can create 3D printed toys in your own home these days. Were living in the future!

Its taken me a couple of days to print and paint these GoatPunk toys, but in retrospect thats still a lot faster than getting them sent off to Shapeways for printing and discovering I need to tweek the model only to wait another month to see if things worked out.

I didn’t expect the prints to come out this good from the get go. I was assuming there would have been a great deal of setup and fine tuning the printer and 3D model. It all just worked from the first print. I can’t wait to see what else I can make with this 3D printer.