Donations and Funding

GoatPunks has been a self funded project from the beginning. As I get closer to the finish line I would like to open up the project for donations and suggestions that will help improve GoatPunks.


"This video game features tiny, fire-throwing goats. What more do you want?"

"Local multiplayer gaming is back and more fun than ever with Goat Punks."

"Because if you're going to play "king of the hill," why not mountain goats?"

PAX Indies

"Oh, and did we mention that the goats look really adorable?"

What is GoatPunks Party? - PAX AU

Indie games of PAX: Retro Vision, Goat Punks and Necroman


Welcome to GoatPunks.

Privacy Information

GoatPunks collects basic personal information when you register within the game or website This information is used to  establish a GoatPunks online game account. The purpose of this account is to store your game data generated by GoatPunks as your play the game.



The personal information we collect includes:


  • Username (Goat Name)
  • Email Address
  • Facebook ID (optional if signed-up using Facebook)
  • Facebook Friends (optional if signed-up using Facebook)

Note: Please do not use your real name as your Username (Goat Name) if you wish to remain anonymous.



Third Party Links:


GoatPunks is not responsible for the actions of third party people or companies, the content of their sites, the use of information you provide to them, or any products or services they may offer. Any link to those sites does not constitute our sponsorship of, or affiliation with, those people or companies.

Use of information:


Your Goat Name along with your game data will be represented in-game on the Challengers Tower for other GoatPunk players to battle against.


Your Goat Name, Overall Score, Highest Score per Game, Rank, Goat Style and Clan, may appear online at our website published as gaming statistics. GoatPunks is not responsible for third parties whom collect such game statistics from the GoatPunks website.


You are free to delete your personal information from our database anytime from the account menu within the game. Deleting your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone as we do not keep copies of your information.


GoatPunks will not redistribute your personal information to third party people or companies unless you have given us your consent.

Available soon at the iTunes App Store.