Donations and Funding

GoatPunks has been a self funded project from the beginning. As I get closer to the finish line I would like to open up the project for donations and suggestions that will help improve GoatPunks.


"This video game features tiny, fire-throwing goats. What more do you want?"

"Local multiplayer gaming is back and more fun than ever with Goat Punks."

"Because if you're going to play "king of the hill," why not mountain goats?"

PAX Indies

"Oh, and did we mention that the goats look really adorable?"

What is GoatPunks Party? - PAX AU

Indie games of PAX: Retro Vision, Goat Punks and Necroman


GoatPunks Post-PAX Aus 2016 Steam pre-order sale

A week after PAX Aus I’m having a small pre-release promo. This will be a limited run for those who missed out on the pre-orders at PAX.

Limited quantity available
Start: 12:00am November 12 2016 (AEDT)
End: 11:55pm November 13 2016 (AEDT)
Sale price: $6.00 AUD

Please include your email address in the PayPal order as the Steam key will be sent to this email address. Steam keys will be sent the following day.

Pre-order is only available for Steam on PC/Mac.

Buy button will activate on this page during set promo times.