Tokyo Game Show 2015

Tokyo Game Show 2015

Tokyo Game Show was pretty epic. It had been a couple of year since my last trip to Japan. I had come to do an art exhibition in Harajuku that time. I had made a conscious decision to only come to Japan if there were a pretty good reason and not just for the sake of going otherwise I probably be coming every couple of months. This time it ended up being a pretty major reason such as exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show.

In Sydney it was still fairly cold and you assume that the place you are travelling to is probably not gonna be that much different weather wise. Oh how wrong was I. It was super muggy and hot. I brought two jackets which I did not touch even once and had only a few short sleeve shirts packed. The first few days in Japan I visited all the regular sites like Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara of course. I ended up staying out two nights in a row straight off the bat as I didn’t realise how early the trains ended. GPS and Internet are gifts from the gods when in Japan, it would have been a struggle otherwise. 1GB of data was enough to barely last 10 days. The one thing I really love about Japan is the convenience of getting anything you want electronic wise at anytime. I had an idea to get a hdmi adapter for my Sony Z3, this thing is fairly specialised and I can only imagine it would take a week and a half for me to get in Australia. I walked about 10 minutes from where I was staying which was considered the sticks in Japan to a place called Yamada Denki. This monster of a store has everything. With the little Japanese language I knew I asked for the adapter and sure enough they had it. Now I was all set and ready for TGS.

Day of the TGS. I did a quick run through of TGS floor checking out all the major booths that were setup in a different building to the Indie area. Lots of elaborate displays and lots of skimpy booth babes. I didn’t get to hang around much as I had to setup my own booth. I have only have behind the scenes photos of TGS when theres was no crowds around. I wish I could have seen what the main area was like when it was packed to capacity. The big highlights for me where Starwars Battlefront, GranBlue Fantasy and Ghost in the Shell, oh and not to forget Attack on Titan with their huge head peeping out. During the next few days I had a few meetings but mostly tried to mind my booth. There was a lot of commotion on the other side of the indie area where the cosplayers and eSports where happening. I tried to check it out a few times but didn’t really want to leave my booth for too long. It was fun when they kids came by as they would flock to the game and wouldn’t leave until their parents would drag them away.

All up TGS was pretty awesome, met some really cool people and got to see some familiar faces that I’ve seen at other games conferences. If the opportunity came up to do it again I would jump at the chance. I had a few regrets after coming back, like not going to the bunny cafe or even the owl cafe. I guess I have to save somethings for the next trip back.